Lifetime Achievement Award: MIL MÁSCARAS

One of the original Big Three of the lucha libre tradition in Mexico, alongside El Santo and Blue Demon, WWE Hall of Fame inductee Mil Máscaras is still semi-active in the ring at well over 70 years old – a world record in wrestling! Starring in his eponymous debut in 1966 at the age of 24, Mil Máscaras (“Thousand Masks”) was the first of the luchador personas crafted as much, if not more, for the silver screen as for the wrestling ring. His first film diverged from the lucha-horror mélange of the moment, taking a pulpy superhero angle instead. 1n 1970, Mil Máscaras teamed up with El Santo and Blue Demon for the most successful picture in the genre’s history, THE MUMMIES OF GUANAJUATO, and continued to make films until 1990. The end of the masked hero? Hardly! In 2007, he leaped back on the screen, and 2013’s AZTEC REVENGE marks his 20th starring role. Fantasia is proud to welcome this icon of a national genre, joined by writer/producer Jeffrey Uhlmann!


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