Shock Wave (" Chaak Daan Juen Ga")

Quebec Premiere
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Official Selection: Udine Far East Film Festival 2017

Hong Kong is on red alert as the city’s busiest tunnel, the Cross-Harbor Tunnel, is compromised. A nasty supply of C4 explosives are ready to greet hundreds of innocent civilians trapped inside their cars unless the simple demands of bomb mastermind Peng are fulfilled. Years ago, highly decorated bomb disposal specialist Cheung went deep undercover and busted Peng’s criminal entourage. Peng escaped and is now gradually unleashing his vengeful wrath, starting with the killing of Cheung’s mentor, then working through friends, colleagues, his girlfriend and civilians. Cheung is Hong Kong’s top explosives expert, and he has no qualms about risking his life to save others. But each new trap brings further layers of complexity and danger, putting Cheung’s strength and expertise to the test, till the final showdown in the tunnel, which could lead to an explosive fate for the former British colony.

Versatile actor/producer Andy Lau re-unites with one of HK’s most prolific and decorated filmmakers, Herman Yau, for this high-octane thriller wired with enough exciting twists ready to detonate at every turn, while leaving breathing space for character development. Controversial filmmaker Yau directed numerous classics including Fantasia favourites THE UNTOLD STORY, THE EBOLA SYNDROME and IP MAN: THE FINAL FIGHT. Veteran action director Dion Lam (MATRIX RELOADED, BLACK MASK) pushes the boundaries of intensity with the bomb-disposal scenes and car chases in the claustrophobic city. Hong Kong is shown in its full glory with topnotch production values, including a life-sized replica of the famous tunnel and its incredible sound design will rumble and blow Fantasia audiences. Are you ready for the aftershocks?

- King-Wei Chu

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